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Auto & Motor / Thursday, August 8th, 2019

A List of The Best BMW Models You Can Choose

Bmw is one of the leading automotive manufactures in Germany and is also famous worldwide. If you are looking for a luxury car that offers the best performance, then a BMW will be the best option for you. If you need to discover more on the top BMW models ever, this website will be quite helpful.

507 Roaster

The Roadster is among the best convertibles to be ever produced, and it is known to have drained a lot of capital from BMW. With its 140 horsepower V8 engine, it was explicitly designed to compete against the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. The Roadster model was not only recognized by Hollywood but also bought by many famous people.

The Isetta BMW

Isseta is a very popular microcar. The model was designed as a two-seater with 1 cylinder engine and 13 horsepower. To add on this, Isetta has a top speed of 50 mph. It is unbelievable that BMW took 8 years to make this product.

The M1 Model

The creativity and rarity of the M1 model has made it famous. The main reason why this model was created was for the BMW’S Procar Champion Series. It is the first car to be produced by the BMW’S M-division. To add on this, it is the only mid-engine model that has ever been produced. Given that BMW just built less than 500 vehicles in this model; it was in huge demand among lovers of luxurious cars.

The X1 Model

With the change in needs of consumers, BMW recently manufactured the X1 that has designs to meet current consumer needs. The X1 is loved for its area, safety and excellent performance. X1 is a subcompact SUV that is specifically meant to offer luxury. The X1 BMW model is the best option for those that are looking for a modern model that not only suits the family needs but is also stylish.

The 2002 Tii Model

In the early 1960s BMW released new models that had a unibody design, which in turn strengthened its branding. These models were sedans with a square edge and had independent rear suspensions. All these detailed designs made the new vehicles the most popular BMW vehicles ever. The 2002 Tii was the first luxury sports sedan to be produced.

The Best BMW Model

It is hard to pick the best out of all BMW models. BMW has produced many luxury vehicles that have performance that will suit every consumer’s needs. You should, therefore, understand the fact that you can only choose the best models based on your needs and taste.

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